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The only thing in the world that compares to my painting process is the cardiovascular system. Breath and blood. Many things make it rush, many things smooth it to a calm. There is a rhythm that depends on panic, spite, lust, passion, bliss, cold, warmth. There is an ebb, a flow, a stretch of purposes. To me, painting has always been breath, my exhalation of life. 

My most recent and cohesive body of work explored the complexities of trauma, mainly in its ability to thrust an individual into layered, virtual, or dreamlike realities. I examined these false realities, attempting to place them into the world of visual understanding. As I begin my post-grad journey, my work has taken on the intense confusion that so often accompanies the life of a 22 year old. My mind is scattered, but themes are creeping into clarity as I prepare for graduate school, obsess over promoting my instagram, and reflect on my Art and Politics in the Age of Cognitive Capitalism summer residency at Otis College of Art and Design. I am asking questions like, “What does abstract expressionism even mean anymore?” “If the world of contemporary art is a ‘pluralist’ one, why do the market and museum spaces rely on the same structures they always have?” “What IN THE WORLD am I supposed to do about our current political climate?!” I have found stability in one key word: accessibility. I want my viewers to have a relationship with my work. I am passionate about in-depth conceptual theories, ideas and questions, but I am more concerned with creating work that is relatable to non-artists, young people, or to those who do not have the means to spend a semester studying Greenberg. This is all to say, I’m overwhelmed. Different styles and ideas beckon me each day, but so far line drawings have worked their way onto my final canvases, partnered with a traditional glossy oil texture and flat color planes inspired by our daunting digital world. Please, check it out! I would absolutely love to hear your questions, comments, concerns, and of course, purchase inquiries.